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Mobile App Features

  • All media for Reflect and Rest sections of the study
  • Digital version to "on-the-go" access
  • Private discussion group (*Feature coming soon)
  • Notifications of your group's new posts and replies (*Feature coming soon)

Small Group Leader Guide

We've provided a way for small group leaders to understand how to lead their participants through a Hagios Study. This includes instruction for doing the study each week, ways to encourage conversation, and working through common roadblocks. This short course is available on the app.

Timeline for Executing A Small Group a Hagios Study

Begin registration

6 Weeks Before Start
Begin Registration

  • Setup enrollment pages on your website
  • Secure commitment from small group leaders
  • Gather approximate number of participants

*Tip: If purchasing the Loaves and Fishes Package, incentivize early sign up with discounted book pricing. Otherwise, they will need to order their own copy from Amazon.

4 Weeks Before Start
Order Books

  • Place order for Loaves and Fishes package with discount
  • Orders take 3 weeks to fulfill (as it's print-on-demand)
  • Encourage late enrollment to purchase from Amazon or use digital app

*Tip: The study is available on The Hagios Study Mobile App so cost or late sign ups shouldn't be a roadblock. 

2 Weeks Before Start
Download the App

  • Set up your discussion groups on the mobile app
  • Add your small group leaders to the Small Group Leader Guide and discussion groups on the mobile app
  • Email small group leaders and participants to download the mobile app, as well as any other small group meetup information

*Tip: When you place your order, you will receive instructions on how to enroll your leaders into the Leader's Guide as well as add them to a discussion group

Begin The Study

Begin registration

Week 1

  • Hold a small group wide kickoff meeting
  • Review the week format and how to work the app
  • Include prayer and music

*Tip: We have public links to the Poor In Spirit and Hunger and Thirst meditation videos. Consider playing either one (or both) as well as one of the Rest contemporary Christian music videos.

Begin registration

Weeks 1-8
Small Groups

  • Meet in-person or virtual (or both)
  • Participant will go through week's sections on their own
  • Small Group meetups will be a time of sharing, prayer and encouragement

*Tip: The Small Group Leader's Guide in the app will give small group leader a good understanding how to run a meetup as well as how to lead discussion in a Spirit-centered way.

Begin registration

Week 8
Closing and Feedback

  • Hold a small group wide closing
  • Include prayer and music
  • Create a feedback form for participants
  • Feel free to submit any feedback to The Hagios Study

*Tip: The studies are driven by personal reflection. Consider having 2-3 participants stand up and share what impacted them in their small groups.